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MOD POST: I’m Moving!

Okay, so after months and ages of leaving this blog and silently posting personal nothings at Livejournal, I missed updating and translating so much and.. yeah, I’m getting back into public action :)

I will delete 13 Sapphire Angels though. But don’t worry, I’ll save all my posts here and upload it unto my new blog domain, Raison d’être 1305 (I’m still not sure about the name, I might change it still..).

I’m also doing this for Super Junior’s 3rd Album! I can’t wait for it :D So.. til then, see you guys! ^^ ♥

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tag9901360015aI checked some blogs here at wordpress and many said that the dashboard changed, so I took a peek ^^

I’m not gonna post in here anymore, you can find me at ^^

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I check some blogs here at wordpress and many said that the dashboard changed, so I took a peek ^^

I’m not gonna post in here anymore, you can find me at ^^

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But because I am the lazy blogger that I was and will always be, I therefore bring you ILOVEJR translations, originally posted @ Super Junior Love : D
TITLE : … Childhood (During)…

..(I’m) Always asked was this originally planned ..A photo which arouses uncertainty…

..The content of this photo is.. Jungsoo-ya, when taking a picture..Please stand me up…

…Midway I dozed off, so the moment I fell down, the shot was taken..

..Aren’t (my) socks cute?..ㅋㅋ When I get married in the future.. It should be 겸댕이 (GyeomDaengYi) like this (?)..

..Let 겸댕이 (GyeomDaengYi) give birth to children, this should be prayed for..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

*겸댕이 = Internet term form of 귀염둥이 (cutie) ^^

You there, if taking out, please do credit ilovejr AND link back at Super Junior Love, understood? ^^

HAHA. I’m back. because of Jungsoo, lol. Im back @ wordpress~

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jsplus [CYWORLD] Update 2008.08.12

* EDIT. Sorry, My eyes kinda malfunctioned XD
Studying and cyworld-ing at the same time — can you do it? ᄏᄏ

National warriors hwaiting!

Ehh that’s pretty much it. Im very sleepy.. very.. ahh T__T Sorry for not updating much? -___-


So Supy is back in Korea! ^^ I just wanted to say that Teuk wore the sleeveless outfit he wore before ;;

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Heenim CY Update

Minihompy Title: Memorize crazy..

Side Column:


What friends say (일천평):
Why the sudden depression/melancholy in the midsummer? ( Roadside dawn [길가던ᅳGilkadeon] Ajusshi Go Hyunbin)

—-Will add the photo entry later.
Will come back tomorrow, seriously, I can’t open my eyes anymore .. I only had 3hours of sleep this past week ;


김종운,엘프의 사랑하는 예성.. 빨리 나아 제발…ᅲᅲ
영원한친구는 항상 오빠의 측면 을 보호하기, 기도
을..우리를 그대 사랑해요!

ᅳGM. Please help pass to every ELF you possibly know and let’s hope it reaches Jongwoon somehow? T__T Accidents as little as this (kinda little; ) makes me feel super worried, ever since the April 19 incident happened (I wont bother to bring back painful memories ).. Let us all pray for not only Yesung’s, but for the 13’s health ^^

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Kyuhyun Cyworld Update (2008.08.03)

Minihompy Title: Mr. Cho Kyuhyun’s Minihompy


Precious Time

He’s happy ~ :)

PS. For those who still doesn’t know (but I doubt it; ), SJ won the Favorite Korean Artist award at MAA last night. I’ll be having a post on that, (FINALLY XD). I’ll just get back to my laundries since our maid.. left =S

Kinda busy.. will take a while -_-

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Pre-Order SJ 1st Premium Event in Japan DVD

Super Junior in Japan
Super Junior in Japan

SM is making us broke XD
Pre-order it at YesAsia or at CDJapan ^^

It will be released at September 24, 2008. Extras include “Business Card Exchange,” “Behind Touch,” and backstage footage.

BACK STAGE. I love things like that ~ BUY!

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Kibum’s VTR for the Japan Fan Meeting (2008.07.08)

Credits to 13sapphireangels (aka. ME ♡) ; ilovekido/ilovejr/Ms.Censored Name ♡ @ YT

Brief summary (LOL It’s only 2:22mins yet I’ll just post a summary.. yay for me -_-):
So he’s saying sorry cos he wasn’t able to go to the said Japan Fan Meeting due to his tight schedule.

Okay so he was asked, “What could have you done if you were able to go to Japan?”
Kibum: I want to eat the delicious ramen; And he wants to see everyone (the fans)

Next question was something like “Could you speak Japanese. . .? ” (That’s not the direct Q, it’s just.. I forgot how to say it in english XD *fails* But the idea is there.. kinda ^^ll)
Kibum: Yes. “I am Kibum.” , “Itadakimasu” (LOLL Said before eating, something like “thank you for the food”) , “Nan darou?” (what is it? LMAO HAHAH XDDD). “Kawaii desu” (cute ♡_♡), “AISHITERU” (I LOVE YOU WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !), Un, “Gambarimasu” (I’ll do my best).

Message for the fans:
Hello, I hope that you guys had a great time. I will continue to serve you up to the last. This has been Kibum.. I love you :)

Why I kept laughing? I don’t know too XD I think it’s because of his facial expression while talking XD
Anyway.. I love this guy, seriously (And it’s no secret XD) !

PS. If I mistranslated/mistyped anything here, sorry -_-
Actually I’m not allowed to use the computer XD
I have this :
Fever, Head ache, Dizzy-ness, cough, cold and godknowswhatmore. :)

If you wanna take it out, you can.. but be sure to credit and link back ^^
Changed my mind; PLEASE DON”T TAKE OUT.

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Cyworld Updates


Side Column:
Woohoohoot Let’s Go


Photo Entries

I do not know when this was …


My Past.

Okay, I’m still alive.. Sorry for not updating for like.. half a month : x
..I’m sick. Literally T T

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